Friday, 6 February 2015

OK, enough messing about..

We're sure that our life out here doesn't seem too bad to you folks freezing your proverbials off right now in the Uk.
Moonlit cycle rides (shite rental bikes mind you) back from seafood restaraunts where they literally pluck your dinner from the lapping waves below

Risking 'death by salmanella' for lunch (both our tummies have started to play up and we feel it is only a matter of time until the lurgy gets us)

Sitting here for the afternoon

Having fish nibble the tough skin from your feet

A bit of monkey business

Heaven? Maybe, but to tell you the truth we're just about done with this backpacker trail of 'must do' experiences. Tomorrow we leave behind sleepy Kep (actually means there is F all to do) and 'wanna be hippy' Kampot with its suntanned cliquey cool dudes who are 'living the dream man'. No, for us it's a few hours on the bus back up to Phnom Penh for 1 last night of 'happy hour' cocktails and "hellomisterwanttuktuk". 

We've already spotted our getaway vehicle

This little baby will take us across the water exactly where the Tonle Sap and Mekong rivers flow into each other. On the opposite side there seems to be a way to get off the main highways ( think busy B road) that run between all the major places.  We've actually only cycled about 500km so far because there are only big horrible roads linking these places together. There isn't much pleasure in riding on them, thus the boats, taxis and buses to date. but thats all about to change (hopefully). We plan to follow the little roads north along the banks on the mighty Mekong, through places that when you google them you either get no results or find an obscure blog in which some nutter German cyclist passed through in 2006. Yes folks, it's time for Adventure (but hopefully the odd Margherita along the way)....... 

Last sunset of the 'holiday'

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