Sunday, 15 February 2015

Island life

You know, this place Don Det (part of the 4000 islands) is nicer than we first thought. We find a lot of the backpacker bar/restaurants a bit depressing. Monged out youth sitting (or sometimes almost lying) at a table, staring vacantly through a hangover haze, almost as if they're trying to work out if today is today or maybe it's still yesterday? Saddle up and explore the islands and there's plenty of nicer things to see. Time to get away from 'Backpackersville'

Ah, this is better

I do still have a few hygiene issues with this whole 'leave your shoes at the door' thing. Ok, no shoes inside keeps it clean (and they're Buddhist here so always do it) but when you take off & put on your flip flops you're standing right in an area that is walked on all the time by shoes, doesn't that kind of take the effect away?

We stopped off for a cuppa. Well, you don't get a view like this from Greggs do you? (And it's cheaper here!)

We went to the waterfall thing, bearing in mind this is the end of the dry season, you can see why they call the Mekong "mighty'

Then we lazed the afternoon away, well it is Sunday after all.

Sunset approaches, now, where is the bug spray? There are quite a few of them here....

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