Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Introspective waffle...

This blog isn't only for your extreme reading pleasure (?) but its also my travel journal. You can ignore this post if you like, there may also be others like it. They are merely the ramblings of a man out in the hot sun with too much time on his hands.....

We passed a road sign today saying "men working". Now that just wouldn't do in the UK would it? Well, it's sexist for a start isn't it? Are the authorities daring to say that a woman can't or won't repair the roads?
And what if (as was the case today) no one is actually there doing any work? It could also be that 'men' are there but on tea break? Then the sign is technically incorrect and that also just wouldn't do in modern Britain!

But, I actually like the sign. I feel that there is a human element to it. It tells you that fellow humans (presuming they are there on that day) are around so please be careful. You can see for yourself that work is on going and that slowing down wouldn't be a bad idea as the road surface is rough, so no need for reduced speed limit signs.

In fact, I think the signs should be changed the world over to say "Possibility of humans in close proximity. Please be compassionate. Your vehicle is dangerous, big, noisy and kicks up a lot of dust (unless you are on a bicycle)". 
In fact, I'm going to write a stern letter to my local MP, yes, that should do it.

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