Sunday, 22 February 2015

Getting hot n steamy

After the night's rain it was a bit of a misty 
start to the day. Everything had had a wash, 
the red dust now gone from the leaves and 
the countryside looked a lot greener and 
fresher. A couple of hours into the ride it 
hammered down with rain. Luckily we got 
into a cafe just in time. We attempted to 
teach the 9 year old kid (who appeared to 
be running the place) to count in English 
but didn't get too far. The sun came out 
and the humidity rose. The riding was 
getting pretty tough. Rolling hills came and 
went. They made a pleasant change. It 
pissed down again and we shared a shelter 
with 4 blokes on scooters who were also 
hiding from the worst of it. More noodle 
soup for lunch. We rode on. Hot hot hot. 
Kate spotted a Wall's ice cream cabinet 
in a little shop and practically ram raided 
the place to get her mitts on a cornetto, 
not even getting off the bike to buy it

The rain had also brought the grass 
out so we enjoyed our treat on the 
local village green

The day dragged on. Hot, humid, 
hills, headwind. At the top of some 
climbs there was so much sweat 
running down into my eyes I couldn't 
see for the stinging! We'd wash 
our faces off with precious drinking 
water, tasting the super strong salt 
from our sweat. More drinks stops. 
More pedalling. 

Whilst riding, we play this silly game with the 
distance left to ride. "60km, that's 
only 3 x Guys and back". The 
distance from our flat in greenwich 
to guys hospital is 10km, making 
the return journey 20km. Now 
Kate used to do that journey on 
her bike to go and get her 
radiotherapy treatment so it 
couldn't be that hard! Sometimes 
these thoughts help, sometimes not

A big fat 4WD would blast past us, 
often late model Range Rovers, 
their occupants sitting on super 
comfy leather seat, aircon, music... 
They were missing out on the real 
Laos. We were out there, doing it, 
smelling it, feeling it.... Hmm, I was 
having trouble convincing myself!!

What is the fascination with Manchester
United over here? 

I've tried saying the football names 
of the teams printed on kids shirts, 
even pointing at them as I say it. 
They don't seem to know what I'm 
talking about. Mind you, I get that 
a lot in England as well....

Why are they riding hipster faux 
fixies in rural Laos? He was riding 
with the umbrella up when we first 
saw him but when he spotted the 
camera he went into 'cool dude 
from Shoreditch' mode

The scenery is picking up 
(shout back "Sabadee" to the
 little waving girl)

106 hard, sweaty km later we 
finally arrived feeling a bit knackered.  
Even our little afternoon snack 
(its a baguette by the way) did little 
to ease us on our way. 

The shower at the guest house 
was lovely. Photos available upon 
special request 



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