Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Kampot cruising

So is this the new Bluesmobile or what? Well, at 5 dorra for the day, how could we resist? 

We spent the morning out on it in search of an elusive pepper plantation. Apparently the Kampot pepper is world famous, so famous in fact that there are no signposts to where it is made. Sorry Geoff, you'll have to buy some from Fortnum & Mason's next time you're up there!
After lunch it was time to hit the road again. 
"It's 33km to Bokor Mountain, it's sunny and we're wearing flip flops."  "Hit it" said Kate and we minged it out of town. 

Now the Honda Airblade is no hyper sport machine but with the right rider (and pillion of course) she can mix it with the best of em. Scraping the pegs?   Well, not quite. Knee down? In shorts, I don't think so. But it was a fun, ear popping climb up from sea level to 1070 metres that was way faster than if we'd been on the bicycles. In fact, we were pretty glad they weren't here so we didn't have to feel guilty for not using them.
The road was bloody great. Super smooth, twisty tar that wound its way up through the jungle. 

It got a bit chilly up there and a few times we rode through patches of swirling cloud. At the top was a pretty dramatic temple that literally clung to the edge of a sheer drop down into dense jungle.

Over the other side of the hill was a bloody massive but totally deserted hotel & resort. The whole place was a bit weird.

Slow down, squashed witches hats on the road

On the way back down, with gravity on our side, the 'bikers target' of 'double plus 10' was smashed on just about every bend. We saw a bunch of big BMW GS's and a couple of KTM 990's coming up the hill, all loaded up with panniers. Us, jealous? No way!


  1. And they looked at you in your shorts and flip-flops and tutted to themselves in their helmets at your casual disregard for personal safety.

  2. That hill was shut when we were there....obviously a shame.