Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Heading bush

The anticipation of 'heading bush' built as we waited for yet another noodle soup breakfast. The road we intended to take was barely visible on our paper map and on the digital one only showed up when you zoomed right it. Flipping eck, route 5101 looked super wiggly (steep we guessed). More worrying was that there were only 2 villages shown in what could be 100km of uphill riding. One failing of these digital maps is that they only give distances 'as the crow flies' which right now, was a bit useless. We'd checked Google maps and in this region, they are useless.

We are getting cold feet. Access to food & water being the main issue, aching legs we could deal with. We can carry about 5 litres of water each (it's heavy though) but what about food? We've decided that whenever we find a little roadside cafe that we'll get a second portion from them as a takeaway - interesting challenge if its soup but needs must.....

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  1. Phonsavan and the plain of jars...good. Vang Vieng great fun on the river but we were there in earlier Feb before rainy season. Enjoy the hills...