Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The beginning

Thailand is 4 hours behind Australia in January so here I am, propped up in bed at 6am suffering from a bit of jet lag.
Being back in Bangkok feels great. It was about 4 years ago that we were here on the motorbikes as we passed through on our big ride from Oz to the Uk. 
It's a great mix of Asian craziness ( families on mopeds, cheap restaurants set up in the kerb etc) mixed with glitzy shopping malls and aircon monorails. We've got to say, we love it.

So, what's the most important thing for a cycling adventure? Bikes of course! We've been out looking and think we may have found some that are ok. It seems we'll need to buy new as the secondhand market is limited to cheapo, poor quality bikes. The main thing we need is bikes with granny gear (we're not great on the hills) and one that comes big enough for a mighty 6ft euro hunk -yes that's Will ;-) Check out this crazy shop, 4 floors of shite bikes piled up
We'll continue our search today (god bless the Internet and free wifi) but for now I'm going to attempt to stir Kate and see if I can drag her out for some brekkie, trouble is its not even light yet. We'll probably pop back to the place we went to yesterday for nice coffee with omelette and toast all for 2 quid each. 
Speaking of delicious cheap eats, our dinner last night was £8 total for 2 yummy dishes, rice, extra veg and 2 beers. Gotta be happy with that!


  1. Aaaah Bangkok, I can almost smell it! Are you at Penpark Place? Janex

    1. Yes we are, it's not the same without you guys c