Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Lady boys and lilos

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday afternoon we were slogging it out in 35 degrees and now we're sitting in our 3rd seafront cafe of the day.
Mind you it's not all good. There are way too many men wandering around in baggy speedos for my liking but I do seem to be having trouble holding Kate's attention....
The 37km ride down the hard shoulder of the motorway wasn't much fun, especially crossing the slip roads on & off it. It didn't feel dangerous, just hot noisy and unpleasant. At one set of traffic lights I felt a trickle of sweat run all the way down from my neck, straight down my back and into the open arms of Betty. Nice!
We got off the motorway ASAP and cruised through Pattaya, passed by the beach and then wobbled our way through the centre of the seedy downtown. Now, me being the innocent type, I was surprised to see a bar called the Pink Lady in amongst the other XXX ones. I mean, a bar specialising in Apple juice made from my favourite apples, fancy that! Well I guess that's what it was cos it was next door to the Banana Bar.....

The weirdness continues. During our iced coffee overlooking the beach, they've played 'Like a Rhinestone cowboy', 'Working 9-5' and 'Puff the magic dragon'. Get us out of here!

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