Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mad dogs and English nutters...

It was pitch black as we slipped in around the side of the big iron gates. Well the waitress from the restaurant  the night before said they opened at 6 and it was 5 past now. We shouted out and slowly the staff emerged, but not the girl from last night... The sun rose as we ate our omelettes and we were soon on our way, after chatting to an American cyclist who we met back at the hotel.

The first couple of hours were ok and we covered good ground so stopped off for a drink. Lovely spot eh

But it was a great place for taking photos of the weird trucks they have here

The heat rose and we stopped again for a drink and some bananas

More riding until a hot lunch stop - noodle soup this time

The heat piled on. It was about 33 degrees and little shade once out riding. The traffic wasn't too bad for a crazy Asian country, it felt pretty safe. Did I mention it was hot? We had a bit of a head wind but at least it kept us cool.
Pee stops were a little difficult with the new challenge of land mines... This spot was perfect

We'd read a guys blog who suggested a stop off half way but when we saw the sign for the place we pushed on

We arrived in Battanbang around 3.30 so an 8 hour day riding of 88km. We cruised around and found a decent hotel- what you'd pay over £100 for in UK for about £9. The town looks interesting but we need to explore properly. More later....

Arses are sore and need R n R xx

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  1. Have you been on the bamboo railway yet? Had to be done in Battanbang. There is a nice little cafe in town, the something Gecko (sorry, a bit vague). xxx