Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Some background

Why 'Bicycling Betty'? we hear you ask. Well, the bicycling bit is simple, we'll be riding bicycles, Betty however isn't so obvious. Our mate Ben created a fictitious character a few years back (yes, beer was involved) of a charming lady called Betty Swumcrack. Now if you're familiar with the concept of a spoonerism then you'll have worked it out already, if not then you'll have to google it. In the Asian heat, Betty will be with us all day everyday, so much so that we reckon she deserves the honour of the name of our blog.
So, where are we going? We're not entirely sure.... We do now have a bit of a plan but it is based on certain assumptions that may not be right. We plan to ride east from Bangkok into Cambodia, visit Angkor Wat, then head on south east into Vietnam looping down into the Mekong delta and then up to Ho chi Min city. From there we plan to head up the coast with a mix of riding and taking the train (we don't know if bikes are allowed on the train) and then either keep heading north up to Hanoi and Haylong Bay (we'd then fly back to Bangkok) or cut west through Laos, back into Thailand and train it back to Bangkok. There may also be a bus ride or 2 here and there if we get knackered and if bikes are allowed on buses. 
We've got just over 2 months to do this as our flight is booked to London from Bangkok on 26th March. We don't want to turn it into a mad endurance race, the whole point of using bicycles is to take it slowly and really see the places we're passing through, something we feel we didn't do enough of on the big motorbike trip.
We'll be blogging on the iPhone only, picking up wifi on the way. Please excuse any crazy typing (predictive text isn't always right!) and some posts could be a bit short depending on how tired my finger is. And before you ask, no, there won't be another book, well probably not anyway.....


  1. Nice one. Enjoy the world slowing down. Best wishes. Bernard.

  2. No idea why I'm posting as cathyandbernard ........ another thing to sort out! Damn..........

    1. Cheers Bernard, take it easy mate, sort what you want when you want