Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Siem Reap

I said Angkor I said Wat, I said Angkor Wat you want?

Well I know I don't want;
"10 postcards 1 dorra"
"Cold drink PepsiFantaTeaCoffeeWaterJuice"
And I really know that I don't want a f@cking tuk tuk!!!

The temples of Angkor are pretty damn impressive (even for a non temple type) but the tourism does slightly mar the experience. It is peak season and it isn't terrible but it would be a whole lot nicer if everyone else would piss off!
Some tourists just have no shame!

Some photos to enjoy from the comfort of your sofa...

Not somewhere you ride everyday

Fair enough, they are about a gizzillion years old

Time to reflect

To be honest mate you'd do better to knock it down and redo the whole thing properly

We had the whole place to ourselves, welll nearly....

Well that helps

How I felt by the end of the day

We did a big cycle ride through the temples and out to the land mine museum. Jeez those days have caused some pain & suffering with their bloody wars. Can't someone come back and clean up their mess? We felt a bit more worthy than the other tourists but a little more worthy because we cycled the 70km round trip instead if sitting in a tuk tuk or minibus. Does that make us more worthy? I'm not sure, but it certainly made us feel more sweaty! 

Siem Reap in general takes a bit of time to get to know. There is a tacky tourist centre called Pub Street which is pretty bad, some old skool backpacker joints with shagged out chairs and lots of mosquitos and then there are some nice cool cafes. A real mix of everything.

We went to change up some UK money we had but they wouldn't accept it as it was too old, pointing at the illustration of Charles Darwin on a tenner and the dates 1809-1882! We gave up and went to the ATM instead...
We were thinking of asking this guy to join us on our tour, roasted peanuts and no need to stop to buy them.


  1. Fantastic, I am loving the vicarious travel experience. Certainly beats my Sunday of cleaning out the wood burner, washing light fittings (I know why would you) and washing Andy Murray lose the tennis. How may Kramas have the cute kids at the temples managed to sell you?xxx

  2. Whoops too much washing, obvious I meant watching Andy Murray. There is no fantasy involving ginger tennis players in the shower going on, honestly!

  3. I should have been there with my pink tuk tuk for you.