Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Betty stretches her legs

The receptionist at the Seaview Hotel in Si Racha looked a bit surprised when a beet root faced sweaty cyclist stumbled up to her marble desk. Even the price of the Superior Sea view room wasn't enough to put us off (£28) and we were soon relaxing on our balcony looking out over the Gulf of Thailand. Even better was the towel folding display which was worth £28 in itself!

The day had started well with an egg fried rice breakfast at a roadside cafe. 
We've managed to buy a reasonable map of the area and along with 'Maps with me' on our phones navigating isn't too bad. We did get lost at one point and pulled into a police station to ask directions. The hapless cops seemed far more interested in taking photos with us than looking at a big piece of paper with loads of squiggly lines on it and we were soon on our way none the wiser.

Now off the main roads the riding and scenery were much more pleasant - a bit like France but with a few more of these.

Morning coffee resulted in more photo requests which we duly undertook.

A hot and dusty main road then skirted us around an industrial area and after an hour or so of that we stumbled a little dizzily into a shady cafe for a bowl of steaming fish ball soup. We still had a long way to go.

 All this zig zagging to keep off the horrible main roads was pushing up our distance.
The 70km mark clicked by just as we rather desperately took a road that we hoped would cut off a big corner and get us to the next decent sized town where we hoped we'd find somewhere to stay. It was seriously hot out there and a little endless. Finally after a few more wrong turns that resulted in us riding up a motorway hard shoulder in the wrong direction we pulled up outside the Seaview hotel with 97 bloody long hot K's under our wheels. 
We fancied a non Asia dinner so opted for a American Grill place and both ordered what turned out to be a pretty damn weird version of a cheese burger. Bed beckoned.....

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