Monday, 7 March 2016

All boxed off

We heard a quote the other day from Sarah Millican, well her dad actually.
"There's only one thing you can't do in this world and that is to stick your bum out of your bedroom window then run downstairs and throw stones at it". I'm not sure that Mr Millican is entirely correct but I like his attitude.

We've done so much on this trip, seen so much but above all made so many decisions and solved so many problems. The challenges (mental and physical) that we've dealt with have certainly gone a long way to prove that with a bit of effort and a bit of 'making do' most things are indeed possible. 

Yesterday was our last night in a hostel/guesthouse. We had a nice one last night but had to move out as it was already booked for tonight. For the next 2 nights in San Jose and our transit night in Miami we are venturing into yet another unknown. 

Through the excellent cycling network there is a 'club' called Warm Showers. It's pretty much the same as Couchsurfing but for touring cyclists only.

We'll meet Rolando, our Costa Rican host tomorrow afternoon but he's already been helping us. He's not only gone to the trouble of recommending a few things to do in town but he's also gone to the effort to go to his local bike shop and squeeze 2 big cardboard bike boxes (that the airline insist we use) into his car ready for us to pack the bikes into. What a guy!

Our Miami hosts, Dave & Leo  have insisted that they'll pick us (and the 2 big boxes) up from the airport in their pick up truck. They've also got a hot tub at home and state that clothing is optional. We may never leave!

Wandering San Jose for a day has been fun, there's not a lot to see here but it kept us entertained.

I don't think Movistar would do too well in the UK with this ad

And I'm not quite sure this quite meets the trades description act

We'll miss all the little cafes we've been to. This one wasn't the best. With veggies like this I can understand why everyone else's plate was a meat fest

Still, whilst we are we did have a wandering sales girl try to sell us some iffy looking chocolate bars and then a lady in a white coat carrying a stethoscope asked us if we wanted our blood pressure taken. You couldn't make it up!

Whilst enjoying a little Sunday morning ride in Central Park we met this little lot. The Evil Angels they were called and very friendly they were too.

The ride out of San Jose to Rolando's house in Santa Ana was a nice way to end. There were a couple of cheeky uphill  bits to remind us we're not Lance Armstrong and then a great, swooping downhill into the nice little town where he lives. We came past this little event and stopped off for a gander. That kind of riding is much harder with panniers on. Must be cos we can't do it!

We had a quick picnic lunch under a tree in the church grounds. It felt nice and peaceful and quite European. It also used up the last of our food bits we'd been carrying for a while.

So, Rolando our Warm Showers host turned out to be just the kind of guy we hoped for. Interesting, generous and natural. Once at his place we chatted for a while and then he drove us up to a 1600m high mountain ridge which was half in cloud. There are a load of wind turbines up there. Did you know that Costa Rica is right up there with the best of the 'greenest' countries in the world. Not bad for a banana republic as Rolando put it.

Today we packed up the bikes into the boxes. Rolando had gone to work but invited us to use the little hacienda next door to his house

I love being in countries like this. As we were packing I got my electric shaver out for a little trim. I was using the outside of Rolando's living room window as a makeshift mirror. One of the gardener/maintenance blokes came over and said something to me that I didn't understand. I just smiled and carried on. A minute later he was back, big smile on his face and carrying a bathroom mirror for me! 

So tomorrow we fly to Miami for a  quick overnight stopover then into London for noon on Thursday. Put the kettle on will ya, I think we're gonna need a nice cup of tea....


  1. Safe home guys. See you soon xxx

  2. Home time!!!!!!! Looking forward to catching up on all your crazy endeavours!! xx

  3. Home being where...??

  4. Well done both! As per your last request, I can put the kettle on, but, will you get here before the tea is cold?