Thursday, 10 March 2016


Ok, after a few false endings, this is finally it. Betty is home.

We had a bit of kerfuffle and delay flying from Costa Rica to the U.S. Some arsey tosser passenger had a ding dong with the hostie over a phone call he shouldn't have been making, the argument progressed and he then demanded to get off the plane, resulting in a delay of over 2 hours.  

We finally got into Fort Lauderdale but it was after 9 by the time we got to our Warmshowers host's house. Cor blimey they were nice. They picked us and our bikes up from the airport, pasta and wine awaited us on arrival at their lovely house, and all they wanted in return was to listen to our stories and do a bit of vicarious travelling from the comfort of their living room. Kate even got to play with Andromeda, their friendly pet Python.

Unfortunately the lovely Dave & Leo had to leave early for work so we were up with the larks, putting our bikes back together on their porch

We then had a day to kill in Miami so cruised about a bit, taking in the many inlets and of course the beach

We soaked up the last of the warmth

Then, being the creatures of habit that we are we managed to find the same restaurant we'd eaten at exactly 3 months ago 

and then meandered our way back through the less salubrious parts of town, following the same route we'd taken to the airport exactly 3 months ago. We actually clocked up 60km all up, not bad for a day off.

We bagged the bikes and had a bit of argy bargy with check in who said we needed to box them. We politely and firmly held our ground and soon everything was sorted, we even got a smile out of them. 

All the other U.S. officials here were right old grumpy, officious twats. Maybe everyone's  getting worried they're gonna get Trumped.....

The plane was pretty empty so we spread out on 3 seats each, making the flight reasonably bearable. 

The bikes turned up in their bags unscathed and after a quick ride into town on the train we rode the final few miles from Paddington to Greenwich where we parked our trusty steeds, rather unceremoniously in our garage before driving down to Folkestone to stay with my sister.
Riding through London felt great. We'd done it!  We'd successfully completed our 3 month ride through supposedly some of the most dangerous countries in the world without so much as a hitch.
The other thing that struck me was considering how busy London is, it was so quiet. No crazy blaring music, no super loud trucks or motorbikes and no pick up trucks with huge speakers on telling us where to buy cheap chickens or colonoscopies.  It was also pretty much the only riding we'd done in 3 months that Betty didn't make an appearance, if you know what I mean?!

Being back feels weird. Did we actually go away? Maybe we'll wake up tomorrow and find that it was all a dream...

Thanks for bothering to read the blog, I hope you enjoyed it, I certainly did. So from Kate, Betty and me it's a big adios amigos. Until the next time!


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  1. Welcome home. Thanks for the blog, we loved it! Can't wait to see you both and hear more stories in a couple of weeks xx