Thursday, 3 March 2016

Last knockings

Picture the scene..... Here's a picture to help

What better place to sit than here, the warm gentle breeze blowing, the waves crashing on the beach and Podcasts of Desert Island Discs. "Da di da di daaa, da di da di daaa, da di da di dum dum dididiliiii..... Still we were a little disappointed to discover we'd downloaded the wrong Steve Mc Queen. I was expecting a cool American icon to tell us all about 'the great escape' motorbikes and girls, instead we got some slightly pompous black artist from London.....

We'll be home in a week. Not really sure how we feel about that. It looks as if spring may have sprung just in time for my nieces wedding? We're looking forward to that.

Well we're not getting Mindfull overnight that's for sure. We tried to listen to a Ted Talk type thing last night but the wifi couldn't handle it so that'll have to wait.

I have managed to create my own new kind of yoga though. It's for people who are either too busy to do a full yoga session (clearly not me) and/or people who are struggling to get into it and need an easy introduction (ah, that sounds more like me). It's kind of bastardised yoga which I'm  calling Boga. In fact it's my new business idea. 

We've met 2 young people on this trip who have either said that they are or want to be entrepreneurs. I think that sounds like a cool job title so I'm going to be one as well! 

Boga is an exercise programme specifically designed to be completed in less than 10 minutes and can, if needs be be split up over the day. Say for example the 3 times you sit for the kettle to boil each day? It's wasted time. Slip in some Boga and you'll enjoy your hot drink that much more, safe in the knowledge that your body has started the long and winding path to wellness.

Being mindful (see I am already becoming mindful) that we are all busy people I've cunningly combined the spiritual and fiscal aspects of the business. It works like this. My followers (sounds like I'm a guru/godly figure already but I mean Social Media followers) all agree that when they feel positive energy & benefits from doing Boga that they will send me £1 every time they do it. It's an honesty system and therefore connected to your spiritual side. I mean, could anyone really live with themselves knowing that they've benefited from my clinically proven Boga and not send the cash? We all know that the karma gods watch over us all the time.

So, that's me sorted. Watch out for my FB page coming soon.

What else? We met Herman 

And it's amazing what you can pick up at the roadside these days

We also saw an ant M25

Yep, seriously scraping the barrel here. Better go eh?

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