Thursday, 10 December 2015

Miami nice... No not very

"Siiirrr???" Said the final border guard bloke at the airport. He was a cool dude black guy that looked like he'd seen it all before but the sight of us wheeling our fully panniered bikes out through the door from baggage claim certainly puzzled him.
I explained that we'd put the bikes together next to the baggage carrousel as it was the only way we could get them mobile what with all the bags. Satisfied with my answer a massive grin broke out across his face and he waved us through saying  "well I guess you dudes have got your own wheels then."
We didn't like the look of the freeway (with no decent shoulder) that started immediately as we exited the airport. With no other option we decided to tromp through the ornamental grass and bushes of the reservation and headed for a small slip road that eventually led us out into the grid system of Miami's streets. We use 'Maps with me' on our phones and even with the phone in flight mode we still get a good location marker.
By the time we'd got out of the airport and done the 12 mile ride through some less than beautiful suburbs we finally got to our hotel at about 9.30pm which for us was 3.30am UK time. We'd been up since 6am and were both pretty pleased to get to bed.

We've taken it easy today. We did though manage to cycle a 25 mile round trip to Wallmart just to buy me a male groomer (it's only a beard trimmer before you get too excited) and even laid on the beach for about an hour.

Miami is a sprawling endless grid of suburbia. Some of it is for the uber rich but most just seems to be cruddy looking single story houses that remind us of parts of Australia. 

It's very Hispanic here. We've barely seen a white person and everyone speaks Spanish and all the signage is bilingual as well. 
We're heading out tonight to the more salubrious South Beach for a mooch around but to be honest, don't really expect it to be our kind of thing...


  1. Good Luck, y'all. Is South Beach in the South or the North ?

    Dan McD

  2. Is that the hotel Limo??

    1. No, that was a private house and he had about 4 of them. That one looked like it might be in use, the others looked in grave condition