Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Here we go here we go.....

Ok pop picker, here we go again. 3 months of messing about, this time in Central America!!!
The ride out to Heathrow from Greenwich was pretty uneventful. Didn't we get a nice day for it?! 

We stopped off for a quick photo at the Cutty Sark and pedalled up through Peckham, managing to get in everyone's way with our big panniers. 
Near Hammersmith we decided to mix it with the locals of this strange and exotic land know as North London.

As we got near Heathrow I misread a sign and ended up cycling through the tunnel to get into the airport which it appears is no longer allowed. Kate stopped (she's such a good girl) and then after a chat with plod and an attempt to get the bike on a hotel shuttle bus (that was the cop's idea) ended up out at the Heathrow Cycle Hub bike shop and bike park where she managed to blag a lift to the terminal from one of the staff. She thought she should thank him and handed him a crisp 20 pound note for his trouble (it was either that or a few pence she had rattling around in her purse). 
We were reunited at the terminal where we got on with the task of bagging the bikes. It took about 30 mins all up and I then carried them to check in. 

The airport was like a ghost town and the flight looks pretty empty so the kind check in chick said we could move upstairs (still economy) but neither of us have ever climbed the wooden hill of a 747 before.
After a quick wash and change. We had our 3rd breakfast of the day ( photo especially for you Lee Davies) and headed to the gate where we sit right now.

We've got a couple of days stop over in Miami then we'll fly on to Guatemala from there. 
So far so good

Ta ta

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  1. What fab weather, if this level of luck continues you're in for a great time! However Will, please ask for more detail if someone gives you directions based on North,South etc., there is no way Hammersmith can be described as North London! Missing you both already Janex

  2. I'm with Will, it's North of the river, ergo 'norf' London. Have a good trip folks !

    Dan McD x

  3. No no,it's West London don't you know anything?

  4. Good girl Kate - follow the rules and think outside of the box. Nice one getting to go upstairs in the Jumbo; had forgotten all about that. Don't see them anymore in our neck of the woods. Safe journey and have fun in Miami x

  5. What a brilliant way to start another chapter :) I'm back on the bike and I'm back on the narna . You are an influential and inspiring pair. I hope it turns into your best trip yet.
    No pressure but I can't wait to be sat eating said sarnies at my desk, living your journey through my laptop. LTD x

  6. I can't believe that's how you packed your bikes!