Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Messing about on the river

It took us 3 buses to get from Fry to Rio Dulce but not before we hit town for some breakfast.

The buses were the usual crammed experience. Most of these locals are small n skinny but when you get a few big mammas on board, it gets a bit squeezy with 22 people in a Toyota Hiace.

This one should have had a warning on the roof rack 'Caution, contents may settle during transportation' which resulted in no more than a few more scratches and a bent mudguard.

Accommodation options were tight so we were 'forced' to book a night out at a river lodge. At £30 a night and near western prices on the menu it provided a 'world away' slice of luxury. 

The next afternoon we headed back into the hot and dusty town to wave Mel off on her bus trip back to Guatemala City and then onto the UK. The £11 ticket and estimated 6 hour transit time kind of made a mockery of the effort it had taken to get here....

We then checked into our new 'back in the real world' digs. At 15 quid it's still a bit pricey for what we got but at least we could literally ride the bikes straight into the room where they became handy as a clothes horse.

We met a Spanish cycle tourer and went out to dinner with him. At 30 years old he's done a lot of touring in far flung places. His stories and enthusiasm has re kindled our zest to ride and we now feel more determined to get out there and make this shit happen. Well, in a day or 2, we've just got a bit more sitting around to do....


  1. Are you saying that poor guy was your breakfast?! ;)

    1. I ate BBQ chook and spicy rice. The girls were off in the market buying namby pamby fruit. We then all sat at that big empty table and had a Mixed fruit smoothly thing with cornflakes sprinkled on top plus an inch of auger in the bottom of it.

  2. Nice for Mel to have a little luxury on her last night of the tour. Good to hear you're ready for the next phase. Onwards and hopefully slightly flatterwards!

  3. Happy New year Will and Kate. Missing you both. Each day brings another adventure and new experiences. Keep safe....❤