Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Dig deep...

Are you enjoying the show so far? Pop the kettle on but when you fill it, have a little think about just how easy it was to do so. Confused? read on.....

Now, we're not usually the types to go rattling a charity bucket but we promised a guy we met in Cambodia that we'd give this a go. 

He works for an NGO that amongst other things can provide a well (and therefore water) to villages in rural areas. They cost about $250 which in real money is £170. See below for details.

I told him that we reckoned we could get our mates to chip in and get one. Anyone interested in helping out? We'll bung in $50 to get the ball rolling and assuming we get to the target amount, hope that you'd be happy if the name on the signboard they provide would simply be "Betty"? We thought for international relations the "Swumcrack" best be omitted... 

So, who's up for a bit of charity mate? Please email us or FB message / PM with your pledge and we'll do the actual donation and collect your pledges once we get home in a few weeks and are on secure Internet.
You can email us if you likr at


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