Sunday, 8 March 2015

An A-Z of Luang Prabang.

 It's a lovely relaxing town but soooooo different to the rest of our trip! Just to prove that this type of trip is life changing, listen to this.
We were chatting with an Aussie cycling couple and they said, wait for it.... Drum roll..... Will has such a positive attitude on everything!!!

Anyway, back to reality

A is for Absolutely nothing ie - what we've done since we've been here

B is for Bamboo Bridge (and beer)

B is also for Bottom Bracket (bit where your pedals fix through) because we had to put a new one in Kate's bike today. Cost£6.50, fitted!!

C is for Creative. Apparently I look creative in my glasses?

D is for Drunk?

D is also for Danielle (and Mike). We first met Danielle in Pakistan when motorbiking. She then met Mike in Africa when motorbiking. We then met them both in Bangkok at the start if our trip. They are in LP on a visa run/holiday. 

E is for eh?!

F is for French cafe. It's almost the 'real world'

G is for gecko

H is for hot. We hide in our room every afternoon

I is for Internet - although painfully slow we've been on it a lot

J is for Just got back from a 60km round trip cycle to a waterfall for a dip. Bloody lovely

K is for "Kop jai" (thank you)

L is for "lai lai"  (very much)

M is for Monastery

N is for Noodle Soup and we ain't had none for days  :-)

O is for "ooh la la"

P is for Pies, who ate all of them?

Q is for Quite nice actually

R is for Reclining Buddha

S is for Sunday lunch with beer then off for a massage

T is for "talk to the hand"

T is also for 2,000km. The milestone we reached today

U is for "U actually still reading this?"

V is for Vicarious....

W is for "walk or cycle?" "Lets walk, it takes longer and there's nothing else to do"

X is for Xellent home made breakfast

Y is for "yes please waiter, we'll have 2 more thanks"

Z is for Zzzzzz

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  1. How come no one else has commented on this entertaining little blog entry? Brought back happy memories of LB. I have just caught up with your movements (nothing to do with bowels) whilst eating my lunch, at my desk, in my dreary office so vicarious travel is needed to lift the spirits at the moment! Enjoy the rest of your time in Thailand. Maybe you are not looking forward to coming back but we are looking forward to seeing you bothxxxx