Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Bye bye Betty

We had a great couple of days in Chiang Mai doing things that all seem to start with C. 

Climbing - Danielle and Mike took us to a climbing wall and very generously spent most of their time belaying us (holding the rope so we didn't die) whilst we had all the fun scrabbling up a 25ft wall hanging onto little bits of stuff. No photos (sorry)

Cooking - Kate and I went to a cooking class and are now expert Thai chefs

Chang - That's a name of beer out here, no further explanation required

Chatting - With Danielle & Mike (and anyone else who'd listen to me!)

Choo Choo - We got the overnight train down to Bangkok which was quite a nice way to travel 

The dining car

The menu

The seats all fold down to make beds


I could go on......

So, here we are back in Bangkok in the same hotel and exactly the same room except 2 floors up.
The luggage we left here (for free) is all intact, including the £100+ cash we left stashed in it. What d'you think of that eh nay sayers?!
 I've got to say that we both feel pretty pleased with ourselves. We've achieved just about exactly what we set out to do on our little adventure (although the plans were a little vague) with no mishaps, no real hassle and unbelievably no tum tum trouble to speak of.

I read what I posted the night before we set off. 

"So the left over luggage is in the store room and all that we have is now in our panniers. We're heading off early in the morning. Feeling nervous and excited, mostly nervous. Kate says that's a good thing, I'm not convinced...."

The trepidation was genuine. I'm not now saying that I was over reacting, I think you should be a bit scared and excited (that's the point isn't it?) but to have done all that we've done with no problems just makes me so happy and if I may say, quite proud.
We haven't exactly achieved anything monumental but at times it felt pretty big (a bit too big actually) but we battled on and did it.

There are definitely quicker and easier ways to get around than on a bicycle but I do now feel that if you haven't traveled through a country on a bicycle, you haven't really experience it to the full. Yes, a car or motorbike will get you to more places in a fixed amount of time but the richness of the experience you get by pedalling is, in my book, far greater.

That'll about do I think. Thanks for all your positive comments and support whilst we've been out gallivanting around, it was nice to have your company. Here are a few random photos from Bangkok for your further viewing pleasure.

Another happy customer takes home his purchase on BuddaBay

The river boat is an absolute 'must do' if you're in Bangkok

I'm not sure the Health & safety dept on the Thames Clipper would be too happy with this technique



Tonight, our last night we sat in a bar and just watched wonderful Bangkok life pass us by. I reckon these photos could be taken in any 60 seconds of any day around here. We love it

It absolutely pissed down at dinner. Torrential! Luckily Kate had brought out 50 cent plastic bag capes with us :-) that just about kept us dry on the 5 minute walk home. The hotel car park was about 4" deep in water. Anyone know a good drainage and sewer engineer?


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