Thursday, 28 January 2016

Making it happen

This blog entry is what I consider the most important of all the entries we'll make on this whole trip.
Our friends John and Jane who we met whilst motorbiking from UK to Oz (they were motorbiking around the world) have just made major steps towards their next adventure. Major as in buying their vehicle and handing in their notice. Why do I mention this? Because they have inspired me. I know we're 'out there doing it' but once on the road it's easy to forget how hard it is to actually get here. Selling or renting your home, quitting your job, not seeing friends & family, being away from home comforts - it's all hard to actually kick into gear and make happen. But they are doing it. 
They're not the only people we know who have broken their mould and 'gone for it'. We have other friends that have quit their jobs in Oz and are currently mountain biking in NZ and plan to do the same all over the European mountains this summer. Others have ridden UK to India and are there right now. Many more friends through Facebook & forums are out there now, doing it or have been out in the recent past. All of them made the massive effort to do it and I applaud them.

Now 'getting out there' doesn't need to be a massive trip to exotic foreign lands. That can be too much or too hard for many especially if kids, uncooperative bosses, unkeen other halves etc are involved. But my message, and I think it's a very important one, is to please follow your dreams to some degree within your parameters. Try to get to your dream or at least get a slice of it. Worst way, at least attempt to sort out the things that aren't 'doing it for you'. 

If you fancy a few days away then go. I'm sure your partner, kids or boss (not necessarily in that order) will survive without you.
I've got a colleague who's just quit his good, safe, comfortable job and taken a bit of a gamble on a new position with a different firm. He now has a position that will hopefully allow him to grow and achieve more. Bloody good on him for taking the plunge.

So, enough waffling, I'm sure you get the point. Whether you desire is to decorate your dog in decoupage, sample a short summer semester shucking shellfish in Shanghai or are moved & motivated by a Masters in Macramé in Margate, stop sitting there reading this and bloody well do something to make it happen cos it sure as well won't happen all by itself will it?


  1. Does that mean I have to get that stupid car registered and on the road ?

  2. Congrats J&J - I said these two are a bad influence ;) I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures too.
    I can't clear off for all of the reasons above but, I'm still having some micro adventures at home and abroad this year. Will, you're absolutely spot on - everyone should be taking steps to chase their dreams. We're not here long enough to procrastinate. JFDI!!!! :)

  3. Aah thank you Will, such lovely words and now I feel so bad having not read your blog for a week! I know you'll understand, having found the van there is quite a flurry of activity now and the to do list is growing at a scary pace. John is all about shipping, storage and solar powered everything and me, some Spanish, places of interest and where the yoga mats will go! Love to you bothxxx

    1. Go for special combo solar yoga mats then you have a great excuse not to do yoga as then you'll have no electricity! X