Wednesday, 17 February 2016

We're still here...

Hmm, we haven't done much in the last few days so I thought I'd give you an Attenboroughesque wildlife tour of the island of Omotepe. Don't worry, it won't take long.
Here is a cow on the beach at night

A Magpie Jay with a fancy long tail and a sticky up bit on its head

Some horses having their morning drink from the fresh water lake. They made a great interruption to our rather limp attempt at yoga. (cracking photo though eh?!)

A funny shaped turtle

A dead baby Coral snake. Apparently an adult one is capable of killing a human. It appears things don't always turn out that way though eh?

Some Howler Monkeys. These dudes make a weird howling, guttural barking sound that is way deeper and more powerful than their cute, fluffy appearance would have you think

Oh and 2 yellow birds

Last but certainly not least is the lesser spotted MAECI - Middle Aged English Cylist Idiot doing a typical pathetic display of macho behaviour whilst proving to his mate that he definitely was the right choice of all the other humans available on the planet (?) 

We also met some very nice people. A Norwegian cyclist who's ridden From Norway to Spain and then flew to the bottom of Argentina and rode from there.
Then there was the English dad & teenage daughter on a 10 day self guided tour on hire bikes (doesn't need to be epic to be fun).
A very nice Swiss couple (soon to be married?) who were doing basically the reverse of us.
Two Dutch ladies who were both SIXTY. They were doing a 3 month cycle tour of Panama and Nicaragua with lots of camping and dirt roads thrown in. They thought nothing of it as last year whilst cycling in Asia they met a couple in their SEVENTIES out on the road on their bikes. The cycling bug only bit them a few years prior! See, there's hope for us all (well not you mum, sorry....)

We've got just under 3 weeks of this trip left (you won't need to suffer too many more blog posts I promise). We cross into Costa Rica tomorrow. We're probably not going to get to Panama as we'll fly from San Jose in Costa Rica to Miami to pick up the flight home. 

We're sitting at the same bar in the town of Moyogalpa where we sat a few nights ago. Kate's recognised one of the scrawny local dogs who was hanging around the other day. We wonder how much he's eaten since we last saw him? We've eaten loads, we estimate that it's got to be at least a big buckets worth of spaghetti, banana pancakes, fish, rice etc. Please don't get me started on western decadence again but I do ask that if you've enjoyed reading this blog that you whack a couple of quid into whichever charity you feel needs it the most. We live in a lovely world but there are definitely lots of people and animals who might not whole heartedly agree with that statement. 
Love to all xx


Purely due to the lack of material, I don't feel that this post is up to my usual highly Witty standard (?) so here is a joke for free.
I've just learnt that the residents of Dubai don't ever watch the Flintstones but apparently the folks in Abu Dhabi do!!


  1. I don't want the blog to end!!!!! It's my only escapism at the moment so keep it coming please! :)

  2. Love the blog but the reference to SIXTY and watch it as I am older than that!